10 Great Yoga YouTube Channels for Beginners

In the wise words of Janelle Monae,

“Let your booty do that yoga.”


Once you start your path to becoming an official yogi, it can become addicting. Missing a class can throw your whole mentality out of whack — especially if you have to miss out on the relaxation portion! The good news is that there are a ton of resources to help you on your quest for mental clarity, optimum flexibility, and an all-body workout. Check out some of my favorite YouTube channels that offer amazing videos for yogis just starting their journey.  Here are my favorite 10:

  1. Yoga Journal

yoga journal

Well known for its monthly magazine, which features interviews and articles focused on yoga, the Yoga Journal YouTube channel fits right in. It shows everything from one-minute videos focusing on a single pose, to prenatal workouts. They also have a playlist specifically devoted to mediation, which is great for people who are looking to delve into the spiritual aspects of yoga.


  1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene’s channel offers 30 Days of Yoga to get you in the habit. There’s also a playlist that focuses exclusively on the foundations of yoga, so if you’re a first-time beginner, or getting back into it after a break, this channel is a gold mine. In addition to different sequences of poses and tips, she also offers cooking advice.


  1. Bad Yogi

Want a channel that can tell you what you’re doing wrong? This is it! But don’t worry, you won’t feel like a failure after watching these videos. Instead, you’ll end the videos laughing. With tips on yoga etiquette in the studio and correct form during poses, this is a great channel for a laugh and some simple clarifications.


  1. Gaiam

This is a great channel to use if you’re not sure what kind of yoga you want to do. It offers everything – meditation, power yoga, flow yoga, healing yoga, and more. Basically, this is the place to go if you want to try it all. With over 40 videos focused exclusively on yoga, and hundreds more on healthy, sustainable living and exercise, you’ll have plenty of information.


  1. Tara Stiles

tara stiles

Tara Stiles has become popular. As a former dancer and model, you might expect her to be focused on doing lots of poses that are extra bendy. And while she does have a series that is focused on improving flexibility, she also offers a wide variety of instructional videos. She shows you how to work yoga into your life – your real life. She does yoga on the go, in hotel rooms, calming down after a stressful day, and even includes a channel specifically for kids.


  1. DoYouYoga

Do You Yoga is a collaboration of yoga teachers. They work on establishing a solid base, and then branch out into different challenges. They offer the basics to get started, a month-long yoga challenge, a meditation challenge, and a weight loss series. Additionally, they market themselves as a community, and they offer ways for you to connect with others.


  1. SarahBethYoga

Another channel that offers a wide variety, Sarah Beth Yoga is a great resource for beginners. Most of her beginner videos are pretty short, with only a few that go over 10 minutes. There are some workouts for beginners as well, which average about 20 minutes. She also offers routines for specific issues — scoliosis, hip openers, and back pain being just a few.


  1. Fightmaster Yoga

fightmaster yoga

With a new yoga class offered every Monday, this can be a great supplement to your studio or home practice. Beginner yoga is offered, but they also promote intermediate yoga routines, which means this channel allows you to progress at your own pace without having to find a new instructor.


  1. Ekhart Yoga

From one minute to over an hour, Ekhart Yoga offers something to fit into your life, no matter how busy it is. With everything from office yoga, prenatal yoga, to fun yoga for seniors, this channel offers a wide variety. More importantly, the instructor’s passion is evident, which is vital to making you want to do more.


  1. Method Yoga

For men and women who want to learn about yoga, Method Yoga is a great channel. Reed Taylor goes over the ins and outs of getting the best yoga workout possible. With a combination of power yoga, interval training, and some crazy circus arts, this is a workout that’ll leave you sore for days. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an acrobat to get into it. Taylor takes it from the bottom up, teaching the basics and moving you onto some impressive moves.

Don’t forget to check out YouTube next time you miss a yoga class. There are many options out there —which are your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


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