10 Makeup-Only Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re strapped for cash this Halloween or are just low-maintenance, you don’t have to miss out on having a great costume! Makeup can help create some of the cutest or even scariest of costumes. Here are 10 Halloween costumes to help you test out your makeup skills.

The Pop Art or Comic Book Character

If you’re a fan of 1950s pop art, then you will love this idea. Liquid eyeliner will play a huge role in really making your pop art face stand out! Throw on some black or blue clothing and you will be set for Halloween!

The Deer

If you really just want to look adorable this Halloween, try turning yourself into a deer. It’s super easy and very cute! Add some twigs to a headband to finish out the look. Bonus: If you want to go somewhere as a couple, have the other person dress up in camo like a hunter.

The Glam Skeleton

This idea is spooky but totally awesome. Again, liquid eyeliner and black eye shadow will help you out. Throw on some black leggings, a black t-shirt and boots, and you will be ready for Halloween in no time!

The Fox

Here’s another cute costume idea: Be a fox! You can easily pull the look off with a dark orange top, black leggings or jeans and boots. If you want the fox ears, you can be crafty and make your own!

The Cat

If you really want to do something easy, try out this cat makeup tutorial. Yes, everyone goes as a cat, but you probably have all of the makeup products you need to pull off this look! Add some black clothing and it will be the cheapest Halloween costume ever!


Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, is another fairly easy Halloween idea. Again, you probably have all of the makeup products you need for this and you may even have some clothes that would go well. Just make yourself a paper crown to finish off this look!

The Cracked Doll

For those with advanced makeup skills, a more intricate look might be more appealing. This cracked porcelain doll look is perfect if you don’t want to go out and buy a costume. Apply your makeup and find an old prom dress and you’ll be a perfect, spooky cracked doll.

Scar from The Lion King

Who doesn’t love a good Disney villain? Here is a great tutorial to transform your face into Scar from The Lion King. It’s a little unexpected as a costume, but everyone will recognize it! You can get creative with your hair to really take this one to the next level. Go with a classic look for a proper costume (think 1920s) or blow out your hair for a more modern look. It doesn’t hurt if you have dark hair to pull it off!

The Witch

This is a classic, and being green for a night could be fun! It isn’t too hard to turn yourself into a witch. All you need is some inexpensive green makeup. If you want to complete the costume, pick up a cheap witch’s hat at a party store.

The Leopard

It’s the go-to cat costume with a twist! If you are tired of seeing all the cats walking around on Halloween, this look will definitely make you stand out. The main makeup components for this look are liquid eyeliner and brown eye shadow. Plus, it’s another cute animal that you can dress up as for Halloween.

Easy, cheap Halloween costumes are perfect if you don’t have the time or cash to go out and buy one. These makeup tutorials will save you time and money, and you will still look great for Halloween!


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