10 Signs You Live in a Grown-Up Apartment

The time has come (yet again) for this little nomad to move. Luckily, I’m simply moving to a different part of the city, not across the country as is typical with most of my moves. While planning and packing for apartment livin’, I had a few realizations. First, I own far too many things. The second was that I’ve developed seriously awesome taste. It isn’t difficult when you’re a personal shopper, but I was still happy to affirm this fact as I was carefully packing away the personal art collection I had curated over the years.

If you’re like me and have moved out of your parent’s basement and into your own space, chances are you’ve made the place your own. As you’ve outfitted your apartment, you have likely made design choices with thought and consideration, and have developed a more expensive taste, like (gasp) an adult. If you’re unsure of whether your taste and standard of living has evolved into that of an adult, here are 10 telltale signs.


  1. You Hang Pictures and Posters On Your Walls, in Frames
Photo by Gord McKenna

Photo by Gord McKenna

Long gone are the days where posters and prints were fastened to your wall with tape or thumbtacks. Now your artwork is tastefully displayed on your walls in frames.


  1. You Don’t Decorate With Empty Liquor Bottles

While it may have been totally acceptable during your college years to display your empty liquor bottles as art in your apartment, those days are in the past. Now you have a tasteful wine rack, and maybe even a carafe or decanter on display, and a hidden recycling bin for your empties.


  1. You Have Curtains, and They Were Expensive
Photo Credit: Alex

Photo Credit: Alex

Now that you live in a grown-up apartment, blinds just don’t cut it anymore. You now have sophisticated window treatments that most likely cost a pretty penny, but are absolutely essential for your grown-up pad.


  1. Your Fridge is Filled With Produce From a Farmers Market

One surefire way to tell that you live in an adult apartment is by the contents of your fridge. If you have more organic farmers market produce than PBR cans or Two-Buck Chuck bottles in your fridge, it’s safe to say you live in a grown-up apartment.


  1. You Have Actual Glassware
Photo Credit: Andrew Dai

Photo Credit: Andrew Dai

Instead of red solo cups or another plastic variety, you now insist on having classy matching glassware. This desire for the finer things in your home is a telltale sign that you have more refined taste, and a mature living space.


  1. You Have a Kitchen Table and Chairs and Use Them
Photo Credit: slimmer_jimmer

Photo Credit: slimmer_jimmer

Eating dinner on the couch in front of the TV simply doesn’t seem civilized anymore. Instead, you have made it a priority to have a kitchen table and chairs, with a classy centerpiece of course.


  1. You Have Your Own Toolbox and Know How to Use It

You know for a fact that you live in an adult apartment if you have your own trusty toolbox that you use pretty regularly (and not to repair damages from the wild party you hosted the night before). Whether it be to hang artwork, install new light fixtures or measure your floor space for new furniture, if your toolbox does more than collect dust, your place is definitely adult.


  1. You Can Display Candles and Vases Without Fear

Photo Credit: Regan

If your last place was less, ahem, refined and often the venue for rowdy get-togethers and out-of-control parties, you may have had to hide your breakable objects for fear of catastrophe. If you live in a tame and sophisticated adult apartment those are no longer your concerns, and you can proudly display those delicate pieces.


  1. You Finally Understand Throw Pillows

While before they may have seemed like unnecessary and even annoying cushions, you have actually grown to love throw pillows, and can’t get enough. Whether they cover your bed, couch, armchairs or window seat (the ultimate proof of an adult apartment), your place is definitely adult.


 10.    You Like Your Bathroom

Photo by Alex Beattle

Photo by Alex Beattle

Instead of a tiny cluttered room filled with porcelain and plastic bottles, your bathroom is now a haven. You’ve organized your products, taken the hair out of your shower drain and added some style, making your bathroom as classy as the rest of your grown-up apartment.


If you find that you’re living in an adult apartment, cheers. You’ve moved on from mismatched furniture and plastic utensils and have developed a taste for the finer things. While you may not fully consider yourself an adult, you and your grown-up apartment are definitely going in the right direction.

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