10 Ways to Become Insanely Happy

Let’s get really profound here and just call life one elaborate quest for happiness. Sometimes we find moments of pure bliss and revel in them, other times they silently pass us by before we realize how magical they were. Sometimes we get caught up in the hype. We’re trained to believe that a big promotion, the right relationship or a beautiful car will make us happy, but is that even close to the truth? Those things might satisfy us for a few months or a year, but finding true happiness within yourself is a horse of a different color.

If we’re being super honest, happiness lies in the small things. The little details, the short minutes, the quick conversations often resonate with us years after they’ve long past. Finding daily happiness is simple if you set your expectations low and honest.

There are a few healthy habits to incorporate into your life. Try them out and see what happens!

  1. Compliment Others. Walk around your life with a huge grin on your face and share every complimentary thought that crosses your mind. Social propriety is boring. Stop wondering if you should tell your co-worker that you like her skirt and just do it. Seriously, this will not only make others feel better, but it will also bring you happiness of your own. You’re spreading little bits of joy at absolutely no cost to you. Why not share the love?
  2. Reward Yourself. Breathe. Relax. Being self-aware is vital to your happiness. If you’re burned out and feeling stressed, do something that will bring you joy. Eat a cookie, go to the movies by yourself, paint your nails an outrageous shade of cerulean blue and smile. You deserve to feel fulfilled each day so stop getting in your own way.
  3. Unplug. I challenge you to take all the social media apps off your phone for 30 days and see what happens to your mood. Stop making excuses like, “I have to be on social for my job.” We all think we have to be constantly connected. This constant need for connection is draining so much from our lives. I took all the social media apps off my phone over two months ago and a weird thing happened: I started to become present in every moment.

It’s crazy the things you start to notice when you have no choice. The restaurant you’ve dined in a hundred times has this cute little tile on the floor that reminds you of your grandma’s bathroom; your friend seems sad when you meet up for coffee. You notice this because you didn’t spend 20 minutes taking pictures of your latte and choosing the perfect filter to highlight the off-white foam leaf. You are in these moments of your life, so why not start actually living them?

  1. Be Honest. Not the kind of honesty when you tell your friend that those jeans are a size too small. This type of honestly applies only to yourself. Fibbing and embellishing to make something seem better was cool in 2nd grade when your worth as a human was directly attributed to how many Pog slammers you owned. This isn’t 2nd grade and, unfortunately, the Pog phenom is long past.

Be honest with yourself about who you are, what you value, and who you love.

  1. Stop Dwelling. It’s over. Move on. That’s it. 🙂
  2. Smile. For any little reason under the sun that brings you joy. And laugh. Laugh at everything you think is worthy of a giggle. Be buoyantly happy at every opportunity.
  3. Stop Gossiping. GIRLS, I am addressing you directly. Men don’t seem to have the predilection for gossip that women do. I’ve always considered gossip a form of self-assessment. Do I weigh less than her? Cool, that’s on track. Did my boyfriend cheat on me? Nope, still doing better than her. I ultimately realized that I had just as much shit stuffed into my closet as everyone else, my poop was just a different color. I understand that I’m not better than anyone. The gossiping has to go, my friends.
  1. Be Yourself. Knowing who you are and what you want makes life a thousand times easier. Because life is a journey, it will take almost an entire lifetime to figure that out. Being smart along the way helps. Your instincts hardly ever steer you wrong, so listen to your true desires and let them guide you along.
  2. Balance. It all comes down to balance. We can’t ever be 100 percent of any one thing. None of us are 100 percent mother or 100 percent kick-ass business executive. If you’re 100 percent work and no play, or if any other kind of extreme is taking over your life, it’s time to level out. We all need some me time, and most of us need time to vent with our friends, as well as have productive career time. Honing in on one of those while neglecting the rest is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Take Care of Yourself. Physical and spiritual health are equally important when it comes to happiness. The recipe for success is really simple. Exercise, eat well (most of the time), stay hydrated and get some rest.

It doesn’t take much to lead a happy life. Making the right choices and taking small steps every day will bring you miles closer to inner happiness.



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