26: The Year Nothing Happened

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where I take a hard look at my life and hypothesize about all the great things yet to come. It’s a time to get emotional and introspective and uncomfortably mushy. That’s right — it’s my annual birthday post!

Last year I dedicated my birthday to adventure, to weird hobbies and staying up late. I accomplished a few cool things, but mostly I worked, went to bed early and became increasingly obsessed with the frequency, consistency and regularity of my dog’s bowel movements. I guess that qualifies as a weird hobby. Ch-ch-check!

I even took pictures of it to send to my frands!

I even took pictures of it to send to my frands!

It’s strange to think about the potential of an entire year. It’s a relatively large amount of time where so much can happen. But in reality, it’s just one day after the other. And if you’re not looking for opportunities to celebrate every day, the potential for grandiose, wonderful, exceptional moments gets smaller and smaller. Can extraordinary live in the space of a day?

And suddenly you’re 27 reflecting back on a year that was mostly filled with worrying about bills, sampling tons of craft beer and learning to wake board.

If I took an honest look back at the past year, these are some of the more noteworthy things that happened.

I ate a raw clam(!)

I ran a half marathon.

I missed the fireworks show on the 4th of July because Kevin spreads misinformation all.the.time and got lost trying to find our cottage on the way back.

Faithfully stayed true to Chipotle and risked e-coli at least once a week. #brandloyal

My throat produced a record amount of mucus this year. Note: Get that checked out – you have medical insurance, Savannah!

I spent a lot of time with my siblings. They’ll make every list I’ll ever write because they’re the best people I know.

Airik is M.I.A. Where you at, Airik?

Airik is M.I.A. Where you at, Airik?

I traveled out of the country for the first time and had a truly embarrassing panic attack on the plane ride back. It involved crying for my mom and making her hold my hand the entire 5-hour plane ride home.

My brother got married in the Dominican, and that was chill as hell. Actually, it was hot and lovely, and I got a great tan.

I went to a wine festival and got indigestion from a sausage sandwich and couldn’t drink any wine.

I had my first experience with real depression, and that was a huge learning experience for me. I got it under control and currently living a #blessed lyfe.

I ate a decent amount of #kale.

I traveled to Cali to visit my very best friend.

My siblings and I got my mom to say the word queef in a game of Cards Against Humanity (She still maintains she has no idea what the word means – she lyin’).

I really got into #hashtagging ironically.

Finally signed up for Spotify. Here is a link to my birthday playlist.

Didn’t need to make one single emergency vet visit. HOLLAAAAA

I went to the dentist for the first time in a while. It was….emotional.


My sister-in-law got engaged to a wonderful guy and I cried. That happens sometimes when you’re overwhelmed with extreme happiness.

I got a waffle maker for Christmas.

I read a ton of books. Shoutout to Hemmingway in Love. Brooklyn gets an Honorable Mention.


Looking back, my 26th year was lived well. Apparently the final lesson this year is going to teach me is the value of perspective. And to look for the potential in each day.

Here’s to 27! May this year give me the power to follow an effing budget, manage my tequila consumption, and finally start acting my age – whatever that means.


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