The 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

You’re at your friend’s house, about to prep for a night out with the girls, and you realize: you forgot your makeup bag. The literal horror.

Although you and your friend totally have the same skin tone, it’s not a good idea to reach over and borrow every item in your friend’s Sephora makeup bag. In fact, using some of her items may pose serious health risks. From pink eye to the flu, the potential harms of sharing a bag of makeup tricks might not be worth the risk.

These are some of the beauty products that you should never share:


1. Devices for Poking and Prodding

Stay away from your friend’s tweezers and extractors. Although super useful in a pinch, tweezers can cause bleeding and thus expose you to bacteria, viruses and diseases. You never can be sure where the tweezers have been before, either.

Blackhead extractors, for the same reasons, shouldn’t be shared. In fact, many people question whether these should be used at all. They can be damaging, denting and generally pretty harsh on the skin if used incorrectly. Definitely don’t share them, and be cautious when using your own blackhead extractor.


2. Eye Makeup

Bacteria and infections around the eye are all too easy to spread. You’ve probably heard that sharing mascara is bad — and that’s totally true. That’s not where the danger stops, however. There’s also risk associated with sharing eyeliner and eye shadows. These items can carry bacteria and viral infections from one individual to the other. So think before you pass the Naked 2 palate you got for Christmas— is it worth chancing a nasty case of pink eye?


3. Lip Accessories

Ever heard of herpes simplex? Sharing lipstick, liners and lip-gloss can put you at risk for lifelong cold sores. Yes — lifelong. Herpes simplex will stick around forever. Not to mention, swapping these around-the-mouth accessories puts you at risk of general illness.

Just because your friend isn’t exhibiting flu-like symptoms, for example, doesn’t mean the virus isn’t lingering in her system. Borrow her lipstick, and you’ve just invited the flu into your body. Kylie Jenner lips are just not worth getting the flu over – or worse.


4. Finger-Dipping Liquids

Your lotions, mousses and creams — the ones that require a dip of the finger, at least — are basically little pools in which germs and bacteria flourish. Essentially they’re moist environments lacking an airtight seal. Toss your friend’s finger (and all the oils and bacteria that accompany it) into the mix, and you have quite the recipe for grossness.

If you’re interested in cutting back the germs (both for yourself and for sharing), use a Q-Tip to retrieve contents from the container. For products that require larger quantities, use a spoon and wash the spoon after use. If you’re super diligent about washing your hands, these extraction measures can be avoided.


5. Razors

Razors, much like the “poking and prodding” items, can cut you. Using your friend’s razor, therefore, can expose you to their blood and any diseases it may contain. In a worst-case scenario, you could contract HIV.

Using your man’s razor poses greater risk of cutting yourself (because they’re made for coarse hair and thicker skin) or inflaming your hair follicles (ouch!). When it’s sitting right there it can be tempting, but don’t use it.

Borrowing razors can also bring you warts. Although less serious than HIV, this is another great reason to not share razors. If given the choice between temporarily having long pit hair and developing warts, I think we all know where we’d stand.


What does that leave for sharing? Not much. Remember that, aside from viruses and diseases, your skin and all parts of your face are covered with bacteria and oils. Your friend’s are too. So be selfish when it comes to your makeup. In the case of cosmetics, sharing is not caring.




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