5 DIY Projects to Update Your Home for Summer

After a long winter, there’s no shame in being excited when summer rolls around — personally, I want to shout about it from the top of a rooftop. The sun, the beach, the barbecues and everything in between deserve a bit of celebration, which can extend all the way into the way you decorate your home.

Seasonal décor can be equal parts festive and sophisticated, which means the look and feel of your space won’t be cramped by the following 5 DIY projects. Instead, you’ll find everything will look just as sharp while feeling even fresher — that’s because it’s now got a bit of summer mixed in, and everything looks better that way.

Seasonal Herb Centerpiece

As soon as the sun comes back out to play, so do our backyard gardens. If yours is more functional than floral, you might have herbs ripe for the picking. Pluck a few different varieties and place them in vases and cups of different sizes, colors, textures, etc. You can even add candles that, when lit, help further spread the scent of your herbs throughout the home. Either way, you will end up with a simple centerpiece that smells great and, in a pinch, can help you finish that summer recipe that’s next up on your list.

Mason Jar String Lights


mason jar string lightsMason jars are a quintessential symbol of summer, whether you’re filling them with glowing fireflies or filling them with ice cold lemonade. Surprisingly enough, they have yet another use: as funky lampshades for an otherwise non-descript string of lights. It will take a bit of tinkering in order to get all of the wiring and bulbs in place, but the end result is a shabby-chic addition to any porch, terrace or barbecue party.

Rope Bowls

Just as herbs come into season, summer also brings us a wealth of new fruits that thrive in warm weather. And as you head to the farmer’s market for your peaches, nectarines and everything in between, you’ll probably realize on the way home that you have nowhere to actually put all of this fruit — that’s where a DIY rope bowl comes in.

All you need is rope and a glue gun, as well as a bowl that you can use as a shape pattern for your own creation. The process doesn’t take long, especially once you get the hang of the glue-and-stick technique. At the end, you’ll find yourself with a pretty sizeable container for all of your fruit that you can potentially make use of year-round.

Patriotic Placemats

In the middle of summer comes the Fourth of July, a holiday that gives us the go-ahead to celebrate all things America. Your party will be complete only if your table has a bit of red, white and blue, too. By making your own set of patriotic, flag-inspired placemats, you’ll be upping the bar at your barbecue. Gone are the days where red drinking cups and blue paper plates will suffice, especially when it’s so simple to stitch up your own set of table linens.

No-Sew Pillow Covers

couch pillows

We’ve covered the patio, the kitchen, and the dining area twice over; it’s time to spruce up your living room or bedroom this summer. Throw pillows are perhaps the easiest way to change the look and feel of your room. That’s because they tend to bring in pops of color and texture that your sofa — assumed to be a neutral tone — simply cannot offer on its own. I also imagine that the same might go for your bedding set.

That’s why your summer DIY to-do list won’t be complete without making a few of your own throw pillows. Stash your warm, wintry ones in a closet or beneath the bed before you piece together these sew-free covers that can be made to fit an insert of any size.

As I said before, summer is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, whether that’s at home or on a tropical beach somewhere… in which case, we’re all jealous. You should also use a bit of that time to make the inside of your home reflect the happiness that’s happening on the outside — both of your home and on the outside of you. Happy Summer!



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