The 5 Foods That Are Better Left Store-Bought

Anyone who’s lost themselves in a Food Network marathon understands how fun cooking can be, and culinary creations can oftentimes prove far more flavorful than their store-bought counterparts. Cost-effectiveness and busy schedules have also lured many cooks into trying recipes from Pinterest boards in an effort to amp up flavor and bank accounts. Some foods, however, are just simpler, cheaper and (sometimes) tastier right off the shelves. Hang up the apron when it comes to the following foods that are actually better when purchased at the grocery store.


1. Peanut Butter

373418814_151234174d_zPhoto by Robert Fornal

With so many natural, organic peanut butter brands on the market in today’s world, it’s hard to justify taking the time to make this beloved spread at home. Processed and sugary peanut butter products lose out to the fulfilling flavor of natural spreads, and for a long time, that’s what made homemade creations superior. Today, though, you might as well save the energy and buy a tasty, pre made version of the good stuff.

2. Butter

When it comes to making your own butter, the overall cost and time commitment generally just aren’t worth it. Homemade butter requires a great deal of patience, and the price tag (depending on where you buy your raw milk) can sometimes prove surprisingly high. If you can purchase raw milk at a discount, then the endeavor might prove cost-effective; otherwise, you’re better off buying your butter directly from the store.

3. Yogurt

bowl of yogurt

So many brands are now offering very basic, natural yogurts that provide a similar taste (and cost nearly the same) as traditional, homemade versions. Because of this, it’s typically easier to buy this dairy treat than to invest the time that’s necessary to make it. The flavor is nearly identical, and the cost isn’t far off, either.

4. Mayonnaise

The idea of freshly made mayo sounds incredibly appetizing, but its short shelf life can make the endeavor less beneficial than just purchasing the condiment at the grocery store. Unless your family is consuming jars of mayonnaise each week, this product is better left store-bought.

5. Pasta

green pasta

Most people agree that homemade pasta is much better (both in taste and texture) than store-bought packages. However, the total amount of time and energy it takes to make the good stuff is hard to justify when a perfectly good substitute is sitting on the grocery store shelf. Unless you have plenty of time to make pasta from scratch, it just makes more sense to buy this convenient dinner staple instead.

Taking the time to make fresh meals is a wonderful venture for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen, and it’s true that so many foods really do taste better when made from love at home. However, with the foods listed above, it’s more sensible to save yourself the time and hassle associated with creating them from scratch.




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