6 Trendy Ways to Rock the Classic Pearl

There is no denying that pearls are a beautiful and timeless addition to every jewelry collection. But that single strand of grandmother-esque pearls isn’t necessarily for everyone. We all have different styles and tastes, and the jewelry that we wear should reflect that.

So instead of throwing the idea of wearing pearls completely out the window, look for something that is more you. Check out these 6 trendy ways to rock the classic pearl to better fit your personal style.


1. Simple or Statement Ring

Photo by Indecisive

Photo by Indecisive


Rings can be dainty or bold, the choice is really yours. Whatever your ring preference, you can still incorporate pearls.

Pearl rings come in a ton of varieties. If you prefer a more delicate ring look, find a thin band with a single, small pearl in the center. Want to go bold? Get yourself a multi-pearl cocktail ring.


2. Hair Ornaments

Need to keep your tresses out of your face? Try pinning them back with pearl hair ornaments. Even a simple hair pin with one pearl attached can turn your daytime look into an elegant evening style.

If you really want something that shines, hair clips that are encrusted with numerous pearls are the way to go. Use it to keep your up-do in place all while making a statement.


3. Multi-Strand Necklace

For the modern woman, a chunky multi-strand necklace is the way to go. You can find a piece made completely out of different sized pearl strands, or even one with different materials such as chains, beads, or ribbons woven throughout.

Pair a necklace of this sort with a simple top so that your clothes don’t detract from the look. Aim for clean lines and solid colors to give off a sense of sophistication. It will appear edgy, yet classy with the pearls in the mix.


4. Clothing Embellishments


If you aren’t a big fan of jewelry, you can still rock the pearl look with your clothing. Tastefully embellished garments are definitely on trend, and you will be able to find a variety of options to fit your style.

Since the weather is cooling down now, try a pearl embellished sweater to keep you warm yet fashionable.


5. Modern Studs

If you prefer the classic pearl look, simple studs never go out of style and really are an elegant look. They are also a great investment, if you think about it, because they are timeless. But if you prefer something more modern and edgy, then get yourself something a bit different.

Aim for a combination of materials, such as pearls and metal or gemstones, or go even bolder with an ear cuff made out of pearls.


6. The Classic Strand of Pearls

Let’s be honest. A simple strand of classic pearls still makes a big statement. They are extremely classy and elegant, and they can be paired with just about anything. But the key to making a single strand of pearls work is to really make them your own.

If you like the classic look, get yourself a shorter strand. Pair them with a collared shirt for work or a simple little black dress at night. Prefer a different style? Find a longer strand and tie a simple knot in the front. You can even get multiple strands in different lengths and pair them together to make even more of a statement.


Spend Your Money Wisely

If you aren’t going to ever wear a pearl ring, then don’t buy it. If you won’t ever wear a single strand of classic pearls, then don’t buy them!

Pearls can be a great look but you have to pick pieces that really fit your style. The classic look isn’t for everyone, and the same goes for more modern styles, as well.

Find what you love, and rock it!

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