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7 Holiday Centerpieces for Any Home

The holidays are right around the corner, you guys! The holiday season is special for so many reasons, smiles are bigger, streets are brighter with lights and laughter. With the holidays growing near, the rush to decorate before the arrival of family members has begun. Before your stress levels reach maximum capacity, take a deep breath and bring out the craft supplies. Even the pickiest in-laws will be impressed with these easy (and budget-friendly) DIY centerpieces.


Glitter Candles

Candles are a staple decoration for almost every holiday but how can we make them extra festive? By covering them in glitter, of course! Grab some candles, your favorite color of glitter and some glue to get down to business.

  • Pick the candle you want to decorate and remove any wrapping before setting up the rest of the supplies.
  • Using adhesive spray or mod podge cover the candle, then quickly sprinkle glitter over the glue.
  • Allow the candle to dry then shake and tap to get rid of any excess glitter.


Pinecone Flowers


Life on the V Side

There’s nothing better than free decorations made by nature! If you look at the bottom of a pinecone you’ll see that it resembles a flower and the top can look like blooming buds, all you need to transform your pinecones is a quick coat of paint. Colors like gold, silver, blue, white and red are perfect for the holidays and will make these pinecone flowers shine.

  • Cutting the bottom off a pinecone may be harder than you were anticipating (after all, they are made from wood) so a small handsaw may be necessary to safely cut the pinecones.
  • After removing the bottoms cover them with acrylic paint or spray paint and allow them to dry.
  • For a unique and beautiful display take a glass cylinder and fill it with painted pinecone flowers and finish by wrapping the cylinder with twine.


Herb Centerpiece

herbs 2

Blue Box Workshop

Creating a bouquet of fragrant seasonal herbs is a great way to make a quick centerpiece that’s sure to get everyone talking.

  • Use twine to tie together fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, bay leaves and sage and place them on the table.
  • Place candles around the herbs for added ambiance, the scents from the herbs will permeate your home as the candle glows.


Sparkling Ornaments

Make a one-of-a-kind display by covering a serving platter with bright ornaments and add colorful garlands for some extra flair.

  • Don’t be shy, bring in a touch of nature by adding acorns, evergreen branches or pinecones for a more rustic look.


Cranberry Pine Basket

crandberry pine

Cranberries are bursting with color, which just so happens to make them perfect for holiday decorations. Combining them with plant life creates a beautiful natural centerpiece that’s certain to be a crowd-pleaser.

  • Fill a wicker basket with cranberries and surround the cranberries with fresh herbs or pine sprigs.
  • To make a live border for the basket use floral wire to attach pine sprigs end to end, encircling the basket.


Gift Box Centerpiece

Placing small gift boxes on the table is a perfect reminder to everyone of the holiday joy to come.

  • Use varying sizes of boxes covered with bright wrapping paper and bows for a display designed to get everyone’s attention.
  • For a treat leave the lid off one of the boxes and fill it with goodies such as candies or baked goods.



With these simple centerpieces you can spend less time worrying about decorations and more time focusing on what the holidays are really about — spending time with family and friends.

Megan Wild Final

Megan Wild is a home improvement and home decor blogger at Your Wild Home. Follow her on Pinterest and Twitter for more home inspiration!








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