8 Ways to Make Your Mornings Manageable

Mornings can be the worst. Maybe because I’m always functioning on less than the recommended amount of sleep or maybe because getting out of my warm bed just seems like the ultimate betrayal – to my bed and to myself. There are so many aspects of mornings that I could do without.

No worries, though, because they are changeable.

When done right, the beginning of the day can actually be quite manageable – even pleasant.

Here’s how to transform your mornings from dreary to cheery!


1. Give Yourself More Time

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Set your alarm so that you’ll have 15+ spare minutes in the morning. The initial waking process will be just as unlikable, but a little breathing room in your morning schedule can improve your entire day. This will set it on a smooth course from the start.

Use that time to read the news, savor your breakfast or linger in a comfortable spot. When you don’t have to rush from one thing to the next, in a race against the clock, you’ll begin the day in a more relaxed, tolerable state.


2. Prepare a Breakfast

I’m not talking about a full-fledged feast, but even a small preparatory gesture will go a long way. Heat leftovers or whip up some eggs; simply do something more than the “granola bar grab.” Savor your bites and appreciate the energy provided by each morsel; it will be much more satisfying than eating something mediocre on the run.


3. Chase the Sunlight

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Vitamin D has many benefits. It will wake you, making you feel refreshed and alight. If possible, expose yourself to rays early in the day. Open the windows and step outside. Artificial lights will help too, if the sun isn’t available. Darkness, on the contrary, will only keep you feeling sleepy and slow.


4. Engage With Others

Talk to other people early in the morning. It will make you feel more alert, shaking you from your zombie-like state. Even if you live alone, you should use this tactic. Pick up the phone and call your mom. Nothing can brighten your day like starting your day chatting with a loved one.


5. Wait to Dress

Stay in your cozy pajamas as long as possible. You should aim to be comfortable throughout your entire morning routine. Hold off on slipping into your rigid professional garb. Savor your fluffy robe and slipper-socks. Being cozy will make the mornings much better.


6. Take a Shower

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold – stepping into the water will give you the jolt you need in the morning. The change in body temperature is the real trick. It rejuvenates you for the day ahead. It comes with a few bonuses, too. You can bid adieu to bed head, style your hair with greater ease and start the day off smelling fresh.


7. Listen to Fast-Paced Music

When you’re asleep, your brain is in slow mode. Upon waking, your brain is still in that lethargic mode. Getting things done in the morning, in this state, is nothing short of agonizing. Upbeat music can change all that. Turn up the funk and let those tunes fuel your morning. Just a few quick beats can rev up your entire day.


8. Exercise a Little

Get those endorphins pumping! Get your blood flowing! Starting the day off with exercise – whether it’s a rigorous workout or a simple, breezy walk – is a great way to wake up. It will help you to feel accomplished early on, giving the whole day an immediate sense of purpose.

Biologically speaking, breaking a sweat and moving around gets your body and mind into a more alert, active state. (That’s the way you want to start the day: alert and active.)

Here’s to better, more manageable mornings. Venture out and prosper, my friends!



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