About Savannah

Dear Readers,

Hi. I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Savannah.

I have an addiction for beautifully written novels, bananas that aren’t quite ripe, and, of course, coffee of the bold variety.

I was born into an impossibly large family of 9. I was raised in the part of New York state that’s full of green rolling hills in the summer and inches upon inches of snow in the winter. My parents fostered in me a courage and fearlessness that should have gotten me into trouble by now. Instead, these traits keep me annoyingly persistent and consistently striving for impractical, if not impossible dreams.

I was trained in the art of journalism by Tulane University and used my degree to pursue a career completely unrelated to everything I had learned in school — personal styling. While shopping my way around the Big Easy spending money that wasn’t mine, I also mastered the art of slow living, adopted a slight southern accent, and fell in love with pecan pralines. Aside from the southern way of life, I developed a keen eye for beautifully made products, learned to haggle with ruthless street merchants, and managed clients with a penchant for Fleur de lis EVERYTHING. Life was gorgeous.


Even the sidewalks are beautiful in NOLA

Since then I’ve moved to Philadelphia, PA to continue my career as a personal stylist and personal finance consultant.

I’ve started this blog in an attempt to make myself stop and take a deeper look. One day I came to the realization that it had been months since I had truly marveled at anything. Whether it be a particularly amazing homemade meal or an overwhelming sunset, I found that I was just letting special moments slip by.


Sunsets like this

Sincerely Savannah is a platform to highlight the simple and wonderful parts of the everyday. From books to baked goods, I’ll share with you the most delightful things I come across each day. Please follow along while I explore all the whimsy that this world has to offer.




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