Coming Up on Quarter Life: 8 Ways to Find Contentment in Your Mid-Twenties

Being in your mid-twenties is weird. You’re at the intersection of wanting to be a real adult yet still yearn for your mom to take care of you when you’re sick. You have simultaneous urges to go buy a house and quit your job to travel the world.  Do you want to plant roots? Do you want to try something new? Do you even know what you want?

Of course you don’t. No one does. Just because you don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean you can’t be contented with your current lot.

These tips are designed to help you become happier with yourself, and become content with who you are and how you’re living right now.

  1. Be in the Here and Now

It’s hard to enjoy anything when you’re constantly worrying about other things you feel you should be doing. Who hasn’t had the experience of not being able to enjoy dinner with friends because you’re too worried about work tomorrow? If you find your thoughts drifting during such an event, gently bring them back to the present. It will take practice, but soon you will be able to enjoy your current circumstances without worrying about the future.

  1. Reconnect With Friends and Family

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We humans are social creatures, and need almost constant interaction with others in order to remain content. However, if you’ve been working long hours and trying to work your way up the career ladder, it can be easy to let relationships slip away. Put some time aside to reconnect with loved ones and show them how important they are to you. They may even have some insight to any problems you may have.

  1. Try Volunteering

People say that volunteering is about giving back. In my experience, it’s always been about giving to myself —  replenishing my soul by doing a good deed is the best therapy I’ve ever found. No matter how busy you are, try and carve out some time to volunteer in your community. You’ll gain a new understanding and appreciation of what you have in your own life, and you’ll gain a sense of well-being from helping others.

  1. Be Open to New Experiences

It’s easy to become discontent with your life when you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut. Break out and try something new, whether that’s a new exercise class, planting yourself an herb garden or reading a book you’d never normally consider. Start saying “Yes!” to any and every opportunity that makes you curious. If you find you don’t like it, you’ve not lost anything. If you enjoy it, though, you’ve opened up a whole new path to exciting new experiences.

  1. Disconnect From Social Media

You don’t have to shut down all of your accounts for good, but disconnecting for a while can certainly bring some benefits. Statistics show that the average person spends nearly eight hours on Facebook alone per day. What a waste of eight hours! When you’re faced with so much news and information about those who are seemingly doing better than you, it’s no wonder you start to feel unhappy with your own life. Start by turning off your phone for at least an hour during the day, and use the time to reconnect with yourself.

  1. Clean Out Your Living Space

If you’re feeling discontented, rearranging and cleaning up your home may help. Marie Kondo, the author of the bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” has a great method to help you. She advises letting go of any object that doesn’t spark joy in your life, sending it on to someone who can appreciate it more. It’s amazing how much more content you’ll feel after decluttering your home.

  1. Keep a Journal

A journal is a great way of organizing your thoughts and understanding how you feel. Writing down your worries and unhappy thoughts can help you deal with them in a more positive way, and keeping a record of your thoughts and feelings can show you just what triggers happiness in you, and what doesn’t.

  1. Recognise That Happiness Is Fleeting

Happiness and contentment are two different things. Happiness is an emotion, one can be easily affected by day-to-day events. Contentment is partly a choice. By taking stock in your life, changing what you’re able to change and letting go of the things you can’t, you can make positive changes in your life.

It can seem impossible to be content, especially when you’re comparing yourself to the accomplishments of others. It is possible to find that contentment in the life you already have without making many major changes. All it requires is a change in your perspective.


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