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The Essentials: Handbag Edition

It’s no secret that women LOVE purses and handbags no matter what we’re carrying in them. But we also know that there are certain items that make all the difference when you’ve got ‘em. No matter what brand the bag, I’m here to show you it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  1. Bobby Pins
    With the amount of time I spend on my hair in the morning, you would think it would stay intact for the duration of the day. Unfortunately, this is seldom true — the amount of flyaway hairs that sporadically pop out of even the sleekest ponytails is tragic. There’s only one way to combat this war against surprise bad hair days: be prepared. By always keeping a pack of bobby pins in your bag, you can be ready for anything the wind, rain or faulty hair ties are bound to throw at you.
  1. Chapstick
    There are many things in life that you can rely on your girlfriends to let you borrow, but Chapstick shouldn’t be one of them. You never know when your lips are going to need some therapy, and Chapstick is way easier to depend on than lipstick or lip gloss in any scenario. You don’t even need a hand mirror to apply it! I never venture out into the real world without my stick of Burt’s Bees.

    Photo by Ayustety

    Photo by Ayustety

  2. Concealer

Every morning you get all dolled up with your foundation, mascara, bronzer, eye shadow and more – unless you’re trying out this no makeup look. Most of those cosmetics can last the day without fail, thankfully so. But concealer is               one product that tends to wear off a little easier, and it makes all the difference. Sometimes, your under eyes need a little touching up to brighten your look, or what about the blemish that popped out of absolute nowhere without                   warning? Concealer will be your best friend in each of these cases, and you’ll be grateful you packed it just in case.

  1. Mints
    This one doesn’t need much explanation. Sometimes you go into a restaurant planning to order the garden salad and end up with the garlic-onion-supreme. As a result, your breath is suffering — and so is everyone who talks to you. Depending on your plans for the rest of the day, whether it’s an important meeting, presentation or date, you could definitely be feeling a bit self-conscious. Having a pack of emergency mints with you to freshen your breath will be a real life saver.
  1. Headphones
    These could be multi-purpose. Say you’re on a busy subway and need to immediately watch a video your boss just sent you, or perhaps it was a long day and you’re ready to drown out the noise of your surroundings. Maybe you’ve decided to run home and want an awesome playlist to jog to. You never know what the occasion might be, but you’ll be happy to have them.
  2. Lotion
    From face to hand to body, lotion is an absolute must! You never know when your skin is going to need a little miniaturization, so having a small bottle nearby is a necessity. Nothing can make a girl more uncomfortable than dry, flaky and exposed knees. Trust, and be prepared.
  1. Miniature Perfume
    Almost any fragrance you apply in the comfort of your home can be found in an approximately .33 ounce travel container. This is ideal for long days where there’s no break between plans. Sometimes, a little spritz is all a woman needs to go from feeling run down and exhausted to feeling instantly fabulous and ready to take on the world.




  1. Wet Wipes
    The mom in all of us knows that wet wipes are instant disaster alleviators. Whether it’s sticky hands, a stain, or a nasty spill situation, wet wipes will give you the cleanliness you need. Think about the last time you were at a carnival and were forced to use a dreaded porta-potty. Wet wipes wouldn’t have been so bad then, now would they?

Many of us tend to overstuff our bags but neglect some of the most important items. It’s only when you actually need them that you realize it’s too late. Don’t leave the house without any of these lifesaving necessities, and you’ll be one step closer to being superwoman.

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