Feeling Burnt Out? Signs It’s Time for a Vacation

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This year, I made a very cliche resolution in January to dedicate my free time and funds to travel. Traveling can be fun, exhilarating and adventurous. But sometimes it’s anything but relaxing. That’s why, for me, vacations and travel aren’t synonymous.

Vacations for me, are meant almost exclusively for rest and relaxation. When I’m looking for adventure, I travel. When I’m looking for relaxation and stress relief, I vacation.

If you’re feeling stressed and need to take a break, there are plenty of signs that indicate you need a vacation. And you may be experiencing some of them in your life right now.


You Need to Sleep

Sleep may seem like a common element of your life. But if you’re like me and binge-watching Netflix because you’re stressed out, lack of sleep may be affecting you. General stress may also be the culprit for the lack of sleep. If you’re feeling the pressures of life and stress is keeping you up at night, you may want to start thinking about taking a vacation.

While a lack of sleep may not be the No. 1 reason to jet off on vacation, treat it as a warning sign. Recognize patterns when you’re getting great sleep vs. hardly sleeping at all. Perhaps a week at the beach is just what you need.

You’ve Lost Your Sense of Humor

It’s common for workaholics to lose their sense of humor, but if the little things in life no longer bring you laughter, it may be a side effect of depression — so seek help if your sense of humor begins to dwindle. If life isn’t as fun as it once was, you may need a time out from your routine. How do you shake up your normal routine? You take a vacation!

Now, you don’t need to travel great lengths for a vacation. You can head 30 minutes down the road and stay at a cabin for a couple of days to reenergize. Humor is important in life, so keep tabs on your humor level.

You Snowball Frequently

Ah, the good old mental exercise that can routinely make your life a living nightmare. That offhand comment your boss made may begin to eat at you. You made a tiny mistake at work, and you flip out over it. Molehills become mountains. If this happens on a regular basis, you may want to step away from the situation.

Snowballing a situation from a small one to an insurmountable one is a general sign that you need to relax. Take some time for yourself and keep those molehills under your feet.

You Make Unhealthy Choices to Deal With Stress

Stress is a natural part of life. But there are two caveats to that statement. First, the stress shouldn’t be consistent. It should be sporadic and push you to be a better person. Secondly, the good type of stress shouldn’t drive you to make unhealthy choices.

For instance, you shouldn’t feel as if you must drink every night after work to make your day OK. If you’re feeling like this, talk to someone. This could lead to a serious problem and needs to be examined. Overeating and oversleeping are also telltale signs you don’t feel your life is where it should be.

If you’re feeling like this, try and take a short vacation. It will help.

Your Downtime Isn’t Fun

The time when you’re not at work is probably the time in which you feel happier. But, for some people, it gets to a point where all they can do is plop down on the couch and they’re done for the day. While this is acceptable in moderation, doing this consistently is a problem.

Your downtime should leave you happier and feeling reenergized. If it isn’t, a vacation may be the solution to this problem. You’ll have plenty of downtime, and you may even gain a new perspective on life on the vacation.

Refresh and Recharge With a Vacation

If you consistently experience any of these symptoms, it may be time for a vacation. Vacations are your opportunity to reset your mind and body. You can experience new things, meet new people and change your outlook. It’s a great way to get a jolt of happiness.

If you’re feeling burned out, a vacation may be just what you need to get your groove back. Don’t let life’s stressors build up until you can’t take it anymore — nothing’s more important than your mental and physical health.



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