For Your Listening Pleasure: Girl Power Edition

Happy friggin’ Friday!

After work I’m schlepping my way back to New York for a few wedding-related festivities for my brother’s wedding.

Mazel Tazzel, Kev!

I’m working through a good road trip playlist, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites¬†with you!



I didn’t love Jesca when I was first introduced to her sound. That didn’t last long. Her songs are the soundtrack to my dreams, all whimsical and weird. I love her.




I’ve been a fan of Lykke for years. Her stuff just keeps getting better and better.



I was really resistant to HAIM at first. They seemed to grow a cult-like following overnight, and I’m like, “Nah, too mainstream for me.” I realized that I was about as mainstream as it gets and gave them a fair shot. Obviously, they lived up to the HYPEE.


Who run the world?





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