Four Sophisticated Cocktail Apps for Your Refined Palate

The world continues to morph into a fast-paced cosmos of technological advancements competing to be bigger, stronger and faster. As this happens all around us, why not slow down and savor an enticing cocktail? With the help of these 4 cocktail apps, you can relish the sophisticated tastes of what the virtual bartender has to offer.




This extensive app offers iPhone and Android users thousands of recipes that can be made with countless ingredients. It’s been downloaded over 10 million times, and for good reason.

A favorite feature is the “liquor cabinet” tab, which allows you to select the varieties and mixers you have on hand. The app then produces suggestions for cocktails you can make with those ingredients. It’s perfect for unplanned parties or unexpected guests.

Mixology’s variety of unique ingredients includes just about everything you could imagine, creating magnificent combinations of sweet, savory or whatever you prefer. Some of the more interesting ingredients included for recipes include: acai juice, coconut milk, pumpkin puree and Worcestershire sauce. There’s also a section dedicated to low-calorie drinks.

Added advantages include the “Bartending” tab, which offers an insider’s peek at bartending tips and terminology, and the “Liquor store locator,” which provides information and directions to the closest liquor store to your current location. The exciting “random” feature inspires users to try something new by randomly selecting a cocktail based on type of liquor, type of mixers or glassware.

If you’re looking for a mighty selection with thousands of unique options, Mixology is the name of the cocktail-creation game.

Top Shelf

Top Shelf


Made exclusively for the iOS platform, Top Shelf specializes in high-quality recipes. There are no filler recipes that no one would want to drink – only quality, top-shelf drink options are available, ranging from classic cocktails to the hottest new shooters. Cocktail recipes also include recommendations for glassware and garnish. And everything is completely customizable to your preferences.

Users can even add personal notes to recipes in the app. This feature is helpful for those who need reminders after making something for the first time. For instance, you might follow a new recipe and later decide you prefer an onion garnish instead of an olive or perhaps a smaller amount of vermouth. Top Shelf’s personal note tool allows you to modify any of the cocktail recipes to suit your palate. This means that nothing is permanent and everything is catered to your personal tastes.





Created by the makers of the Swedish vodka brand Absolut, this app’s mission is to inspire the creation of never-before-tried cocktails. Suggestions for unique concoctions are categorized by liquor type, focusing on vodka, but also offering gin, rum, whisky, brandy and tequila options.

The sleek, polished design offers a user-friendly experience. Drinkspiration users report appreciating the tailor-made drink options that cater to your mood, the bar atmosphere or noise level, the weather and more.

Users also love the “I’ll have one” sharing feature, which posts favorite recipes to social media sites.

The “world” pane gives users information and statistics about the most popular cocktails around the world. Drinkspiration was developed exclusively for iOS.


Speakeasy Cocktails



This app is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. If you’re ready for serious mixology, Speakeasy Cocktails is a must-have. The iOS professional-grade app offers 200 recipes and a plethora of information about the concept of a speakeasy, drinks served during the prohibition era and video tutorials on advanced cocktailing techniques.

Mimicking an eBook, complete with thought-provoking content and quality images, Speakeasy Cocktails offers superior, unique recipes for the experienced palate.


Enjoy Your Own Personal Mixologist

The benefit of having your own personal bartender in your back pocket should not be underestimated. Whether you prefer up, on the rocks, shaken or stirred, consider an app to enhance your cocktail experience. Your palate will surely thank you.

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