Long-Distance Love

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Even though they were far apart, there was a closeness, an everydayness, that refused to subside.


I suppose from the title of this post one would assume this story is about a long-distance love affair. It is — just not the kind that you think. This is about the kind of long-distance love that never subsides; the long-distance love between best friends.

When I left the south, I left two very big pieces of my heart behind. These pieces, Kate and Lindsay, were very hard to let go.

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As is typical with long-distance relationships, we stumbled at the beginning. When we were separated by mere minutes, it was nothing to simply show up for one another. Whether it be late at night, when crying and drinking wine was the only appropriate reprieve from our problems, or scheduling brunch dates to leisurely sip coffee and champagne and pretend we were classy southern ladies, finding time for each other was as natural and essential as breathing.

So needless to say that when I left there was an adjustment period. Similar to the stages of grief, your relationships have to move through steps before they can comfortably settle into the new long-distance dynamic. In my experience, I refused to believe that my move was permanent. I insisted that I would be back to my southern ways before the summer was over. It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been back. I deluded myself into thinking that my move across the country was just a hurdle I had to jump before I got back to my real life.

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I then became to feel so sad that their lives were moving on without me. I followed along through pictures and stories but never played a central role in these events. It was hard. It still is hard.

My friends and I have learned how to be there for each other when we’re far apart. Without fail, these two girls are the first people I go to when my world is falling apart, when I’m ridiculously happy, when I’m stuck in a traffic jam, when I just need to spit out words and have someone listen. We don’t always talk every day. We miss calls and don’t call back for days. This is the nature of long-distance love between friends.

It’s difficult to be separated from people that hold such big pieces of your heart. Especially when you just need to lay down on a living room floor, stare at the ceiling and talk to your two best friends. Now that we’re separated by thousands of miles instead of mere minutes, I value the impact that they’ve had on my life so much more.

These women changed my life for the better.



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