Be My Valentine: Date Ideas for the Modern Couple

Valentine’s Day traditions — puke. The thought of spending the night waiting in line for a ridiculously overpriced dinner makes me do just that. Many alternatives are equally generic: a crazy expensive floral arrangement, obnoxiously red and pink, that will wither and die. Chocolate-covered berries priced just short of my week’s salary. A teddy bear? A child’s toy is not an appropriate gift for any other holiday. So why this one? All of this stuff is so boring, expected and expensive.

If you’re on board with this outlook, time to get hype! V-Day doesn’t have to be cliche (you catch that rhyme?). Enjoy this romantic holiday in cheese-less fashion this year. Here’s how:


Recreate Your First Date

Nothing is sure to bring you closer than recreating your first date together. Even if it was horribly awkward at the time, you two crazy kids made it! Time to take a humorous trip down memory lane this Saturday.


Make a Meal at Home

Beat the business side of the holiday and simply make your own meal! Not only will this help you to avoid a long line and a huge bill, but it will also give you something fun to do together. Honestly, overpriced four-course Valentine’s Day dinners at downtown hotspots are for newbs. You and your lover can do better than that! Have fun planning and cooking a delectable menu of your own. The sky’s the limit this year. Cheers!


Exchange the Most Ridiculous V-Day Cards


Sappy cards packed with novel-long declarations of love? No thanks. Let your cards reflect the unique and wild nature of your own relationship. Keep it real. Be brutally honest about your complex and modern bond. Avoid the generic route and buy the most funny and weird card you can find. If you aren’t able to find one that does your relationship justice, make your own!


Babysit for a Friend

Friends with children want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too. Give them a night to themselves while you and your honey watch their kiddos. Everyone wins! You get to play house, chill with some cute children and avoid the normal Valentine’s Day craziness. Your friends, on the contrary, will enjoy a well-deserved night of romance. Ideal.


Go to a Concert

Valentine’s Day is generally associated with a quiet dinner and romantic ambience.That’s cool for some, for others it sounds too typical to be fun. Save the relaxation for a night you really need it, and spend Valentine’s Day out singing, dancing and being in love. Nothing can get your energy up like live music. Go even one step further and see someone that isn’t even remotely romantic.

I suggest Mac Miller.


Game Night

If you’re a couple that thrives on healthy competition, why not have a game night? Whether you want to go old school and play board games or step into the digital age and play video games, you’re guaranteed to have a great time spending the night trying to best each other. Nothing sounds better than beating my guy in a game of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. Old school meets new school?  Win-win.


Dress Up to Stay In

Slide into your swanky attire for your partner’s eyes only. You don’t need a destination to get dressed up — you have your lover and that’s certainly enough! Set the mood; skip the hassle. Enjoy a home-cooked meal or takeout from your favorite spot. Or maybe you two can skip dinner and jump right to dessert. There are limitless DIY yummy homemade sweets to explore. Just don’t spill anything on your lovely dress or his suit!


See? You can enjoy Valentine’s Day without all the cheese. Have fun!



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