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    For Your Listening Pleasure: George Ezra

    One thing I can’t even right now is this dude’s voice. White, blonde hair and blue eyes are words I never though I’d use to describe George Ezra simply by listening to his voice. He’s awesome. The music video is pretty great, too. Please enjoy the musical styling of my new friend George. One more. Because HIS VOICE! Sincerely, Savannah Photo: Julien…

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    For Your Listening Pleasure: Omi

    Omi found himself a cheerleader and I found my new favorite song. My little sister is really into EDM. She’s a Junior in college and loves to go bar hopping with her friends —…

    April 30, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure: Jamestown Revival

    I just recently came across this beautiful duo. Not only does one member of the band have a killer mustache, they also have a really simple and soulful sound.  Their music reminds me of  lazy…

    April 7, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure: Girl Power Edition

    Happy friggin’ Friday! After work I’m schlepping my way back to New York for a few wedding-related festivities for my brother’s wedding. Mazel Tazzel, Kev! I’m working through a good road trip playlist, so…

    March 13, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure: Willie Nelson

    I had such a pleasant night last night. It was absolutely nothing special. Grandma-style pizza from my favorite local pizza shop, a couple glasses of Cabernet, and a viewing of The Judge courtesy of the…

    March 4, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure

    Today we highlight the musical stylings of Pittsburgh’s finest, MAC MILLER.  He’s it. I challenge you to listen to any one of his albums and not laugh out loud. He’s got me cheesin’ from…

    February 13, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure

    I’m in a serious throwback folk mood this morning. The piano solo in Little Red Wagon is doing so many wonderful things for me today.  So for your listening pleasure, I’m sharing a couple…

    February 3, 2015
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    For Your Listening Pleasure: Hozier

    For your listening pleasure this Wednesday morning, allow Hozier to do magical things to your eardrums. You’re welcome.   Sincerely, Savannah Photo:Flickr (1)…

    October 8, 2014