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To Mom, with Love: What I’ve Learned from all the Strong Moms in My Life

For Marybeth, for Sue, for Court, for Jame, for Kate

“It’s takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.”

I’m not a mom yet. It’s something I strongly desire to be, and I can’t wait for the day that I start my own little tribe of humans. To be honest, that day isn’t too far off. Every time I see a small child, my uterus aches with emptiness – frealz, it does.

So one day in the distant/ not-so-distant future when I become a mom, I will have 5 great examples of women tackling motherhood in a strong and powerful way. In my world these women are pioneers, and I’ve loved watching them explore motherhood with equal doses of strength, grace, and a splash of “holy shit, are you crazy?!”

I’ve learned different and equally important lessons from them all. The following are just a few.

From Sue, I’ve learning that the table (or the breakfast bar), the meal you place on it, and the bond created from breaking bread together will keep your children coming home long after they’ve flown far from the nest. I’ve also learned, much to my dismay from being married to her son, that no dish tastes quite as good as mom’s.

sue wedding pic

From Kate, I’ve learned that your life, sense of self, and ambition don’t die the moment you give birth. She’s taught me that you can still say “Fuck”, drink vodka, get your friggin’ Master’s degree and chase your dream after having two kids.

kate and gabe

From Jame, I’ve learned that strength, and your ability to handle whatever life decides to throw at you, quadruples in size after you become a mom. I’ve learned that you can work your butt off, work harder than most people think is possible, and still come home and greet your children with the biggest smile and the warmest hug. I’ve learned that you can be superwoman when you become a mom.

jamie savannah

From Court, I’ve learned that being a mom is the greatest gift. She’s taught me that selflessness and motherhood go hand-in-hand. I’ve seen that you can be kind and loving and willingly put the needs of your children before your own.

court and babies

From my own mother, the woman who is responsible for my smart mouth and stubborn streak, I’ve learned that if you raise ’em right, your children will grow up and consider you their best friend. I’ve learned that sometimes being a mother is a thankless job, but you get up every morning and give it another go because those crazy humans need you more than anything.

To my mom, the woman who always tells me how beautiful I am inside and out, know this: I am beautiful because you are.

I am fearless because you are.

I am bold because you are.

family beach

Cheers to the moms that are raising humans big and small. You are amazing.




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