The Weekend Roundup

It seems as though all the turkey I consumed during the Thanksgiving holiday put me in a serious blogging coma. Sorry about that, you guys. I was overpowered by the tryptophan.

Now that I’m back and it’s Friday, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what my weekend looks like. First, I love Fridays. They bring with them such opportunity for adventure. Fridays are the start to what could be a magical, adventurous, crazy and bizarre weekend. And those types of weekends are my favorite.

But let me get super real with you for a second: I also love the weekends where I lounge in my bright pink snuggie, make killer fajitas, walk my sweet pup in my bright pink snuggie, watch cheesy Netflix movies while sampling a new craft beer, and fall asleep in my huge reading chair in my bright pink snuggie. In case you missed it, I just recently found my bright pink snuggie and I’m so damn happy about that.

So while I always enjoy weekends that are full of mischief  and fun, this weekend I prefer to watch others get into trouble via Netflix while laxin’ in my BRIGHT PINK SNUGGIE.

Enough of that.

Now that you know my enthralling plans for the weekend, I’d love to share with you some little bits that helped to make this Friday so lovely.

  • We Never Met 

We Never Met is everyone’s new favorite Instagram account. The brainchild of  two creatives working at Ogilvy London, this account features images of strangers with funny,  heartwarming and –most importantly– completely fictitious stories about their lives.

Some hilarious…

Some lovely …

All completely enrapturing. Stalk on, my friends. Stalk on.

  • Lana Del Ray – Big Eyes

Lana lends her haunting and whimsical voice to the score for Tim Burton’s newest film Big Eyes. It’s chilling, it’s soulful, it’s Lana.

  • Netflix Documentaries

To be honest, the only two documentaries I’ve ever watched an enjoyed were Blackfish and Inside: Chipotle. This list and my desire to be so underwhelmingly lazy this weekend has inspired me to give documentary watching another go.

  • The Podcast Heard Round The World

One word: Serial. A compelling investigation of the murder of Hae Min Lee and her convicted murderer, Adnan Syed. Jump on this bandwagon, it’s so worth it.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whether it be spent at home in your respective snuggies or out on the town.



(Image Credit: Haze)

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